who are these humans?


Are you two sisters?

No! Just your average best-friend-soul-mates. We have no idea why people think we look so much alike (because we don’t see it), but we’re thinking it’s probably because we always have matching top knots in our hair. Also you know that thing when you spend so much time with someone that you adopt the same mannerisms? Yeah, we have that too.

Where are you from?

Saskatchewan! Don’t know where that is? Well, you’re not alone on that one. It’s basically right in the middle of Southern Canada. It’s very flat there, but you will never be disappointed by a sunset.

How did you meet?

We met while going to College in Alberta, but didn’t become BFF’s until our second year. The two of us had decided to go on a very last minute road trip into Calgary for the afternoon… and long story short, we had many adventures that day… and night… and we woke up the next morning squeezed together on a random German man’s single bed. In that moment we knew we were soul sisters, and the adventures have never stopped. (Ps, if you’re reading this Sasha, we miss you!)

Where have you traveled together?

We have shared many road trips and adventures around Western Canada and the United States, but most recently we spent a year and a half travelling all over Australia, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. It was the best.

Are Canadians really that nice?

Yes, but we come in third behind Burmese and Mexican people.

What has been your favourite travel destination so far?

This is the hardest question to answer! Basically, everywhere we have been is incredible in it’s own way and has taught us an invaluable lesson, even if it wasn’t always easy. Our most satisfying traveling experiences always include beautiful nature, befriending the locals, and getting off the beaten tourist-track. It’s a little more work, but so much more rewarding.

What are you eating?

Plants! Want to try some?

Why are you taking a photo of that?

Because it’s beautiful.

Why are you dancing like that?

Because it’s fun 🙂

Later! Nice chatting with you.

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