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I will be big


How to be a good girl: Work hard to look attractive, but act like you don’t know it.  Be “polite,” even when you’re being treated poorly.  Be grateful for what you’re given and don’t dare ask for more.  Look pretty at all times. Always. Be. Pretty. Understand that being pretty is the rent you have to pay in order to exist in this world, and be thankful for that. Look and act sexy for others, […]

who do you love? me, or the idea of me.


What is love and what is merely a fantasy? That my friends is the question I’ve been wresting with lately, and I’ll tell you why: Over the years I’ve come to discover that I am a perfect candidate for sad men to project their delusional fantasies of women onto. They flock to me because I’m nice, I’m pretty, I’m approachable, I smile a lot, and I’m always on the move; never planning to stay in […]

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Hey there wonderful humans! As many of you may know, I spent just over six and a half months traveling through Mexico and Guatemala this winter, having the time of my freeking life, eating my weight in refried beans, and communicating mostly with hand signals and broken Spanglish. Towards the end of my time in Latin America I decided to travel to Guatemala to take some Spanish classes (and live with a Spanish-only speaking family) […]

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Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that, but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing. William Butler Yeats

the women inside of me have big summer plans


Hiiiii! Last year I wrote a post titled “the women inside of me” where I made up, named, and described the personalities of four women I dress like on a daily basis. It got a little weird (in the best way possible), and as it turns out, I continue to subconsciously dress like these women even today. So! Because that was so much fun, and I have a very small window of time where my […]