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my body is changing, and it’s okay

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Hola mi amigas! Since we’re such good friends and all, I wanted to share something that I haven’t spoken about much before- online or with friends. You ready? The last time I went traveling for 1 and 1/2 years, I gained 20 pounds. At the time I didn’t really realize. I knew my body had changed and I felt a little weird about it, but I wasn’t sure exactly how much until I returned home […]

everyday things I’m grateful for

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Alright, so I know that everyone is getting pretty sick of reading a bunch of Instagram posts about what their friends have accomplished in 2018 and how freekin blessed and happy and obsessed with themselves they all are. But guess what? For the sake or gratitude and appreciating the simple stuff, I’m going to hit you with another one – so get ready. Sorry not sorry! Dear 2018, thank you for: The tree outside my […]

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The world doesn’t need more “successful people.” The world desperately needs more peacemakers, restorers, healers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.” Author unknown

progress and perfection


Hey peeps! It’s Jessica here, coming to you via the World Wide Web of 2018. Man it’s a crazy time on the internet these days, hey? It seems that everywhere I look right now I’m either being told to buy a bunch of stuff that I don’t need, or bombarded with information about how the human race is destroying literally everything.  Everything we eat is killing both us and the planet, everything we buy is made […]

where I’m going // where I’ve been

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Hi fam! Did you forget about me? It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. … Like, quite a while… oops! Life is a perfect mixture of crazy wild and crazy boring at the same time for me right now. A lot is changing, but the future is looking bright none the less. I’m currently in one of those in-between transitional phases of life that’s making me feel all sorts of nostalgic and confused… you […]