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Hi fam! Did you forget about me? It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. … Like, quite a while… oops! Life is a perfect mixture of crazy wild and crazy boring at the same time for me right now. A lot is changing, but the future is looking bright none the less. I’m currently in one of those in-between transitional phases of life that’s making me feel all sorts of nostalgic and confused… you […]

who are these humans?


Are you two sisters? No! Just your average best-friend-soul-mates. We have no idea why people think we look so much alike (because we don’t see it), but we’re thinking it’s probably because we always have matching top knots in our hair. Also you know that thing when you spend so much time with someone that you adopt the same mannerisms? Yeah, we have that too. Where are you from? Saskatchewan! Don’t know where that is? […]