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everyday things I’m grateful for

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Alright, so I know that everyone is getting pretty sick of reading a bunch of Instagram posts about what their friends have accomplished in 2018 and how freekin blessed and happy and obsessed with themselves they all are. But guess what? For the sake or gratitude and appreciating the simple stuff, I’m going to hit you with another one – so get ready. Sorry not sorry! Dear 2018, thank you for: The tree outside my […]

progress and perfection


Hey friends! It’s Jessica here, coming to you via the World Wide Web of 2018. Man it’s a crazy time on the internet these days, hey? Right now it seems that everywhere I look I’m either being advertised to, or bombarded with information about how the human race is destroying everything.  It seems like everything we eat is killing us and destroying the planet, and everything we buy is made by underpaid children, in horrible working […]

life update // mental health chat


Hey there lovely friends! It’s been a while since we have chatted on here, how are we? It is full on summer now in Canada, which means I’ve been spending all of my free time outside soaking in that beautiful, beautiful sunshine and neglected the blog a little in the process. There’s so many posts I am dreaming to share with you, but first I wanted post a little life update/chat/pouring of my heart and […]

my vegan journey


Hello world, my name is Jessica and I am vegan, but I’m not the poster child of plant based eating for many reasons – lets just start with that. First of all, my parents aren’t hippies, I wasn’t raised on an island surrounded by fresh fruit, I don’t tan very easily, I’m not blonde… and worst of all, I’ve never even instagrammed a photo of my smoothie bowl (shocking, I know). Instead I grew up […]

lessons learned at 22


“I got to a breaking point that night and thought to myself “I am so sick of minimising the tension (in situations where a man is trying to take advantage of me) in order to make him feel more comfortable.” No more! Why am I putting his comfort before my own, anyways? I will no longer accept behaviour that’s “not that big of a deal”,  but isn’t okay, either. I’m sick of being “polite.” I’m sick […]

questions, feelings, and understanding.


Am I depressed? Does it matter whether or not I know the answer to this? How do you define a feeling? I have the need to always understand, compartmentalise, and wrap up every emotion I feel into a nice little box, so that I can step back, examine, and understand it from afar. Does this make me a control freak? I have a friend who thinks I am, but I’m not so sure. Does it […]



A couple of days ago a friend asked me how long I had been single for, and after thinking about it, I honestly had no idea. “A very long time” I replied with a laugh, and then moved on. Being single is something that I rarely think of because it’s not a badge that defines me or very important. However, after thinking back on it, I realised that it’s been just over four and a […]