cows are perfect; let me tell you why


Hi! Welcome to the blog post that absolutely no one asked for, but I wrote anyway. Enjoy!

Reasons why cows are perfect angels:

  • Cows aren’t racist, sexist, ageist, or classist
  • Cows are great listeners
  • Cows don’t judge you based on your appearance or financial status
  • “Treat others how you want to be treated” is the moto of a cow
  • Cows are masters at living in the present moment
  • Cows are the embodiment of what it means to be zen- they’re the ultimate yogi’s
  • When has a cow ever wronged you? I’ll wait…
  • Cows aren’t materialistic- some grass and sunshine is all they need to have a great day
  • Cows are non-violent
  • We could all learn a thing or two about patience from a cow
  • Cows are vegan, but aren’t preachy about it
  • If you feed and smile at them, they’ll love you forever
  • Cows could sit on you, but they don’t… How nice is that?
  • Cows are grateful for whatever life gives them
  • Cows are worldly- they live on every corner of the planet
  • Looking deep into the eyes of a cow is more profound of an experience than tripping on a psychedelic could ever be (you know it’s true)
  • Cows are the most beautiful, natural redheads
  • Their huge ears must be full of secrets, but they never tell
  • Cows love themselves exactly how they are, no matter how much the media tells them to be thinner
  • Have you seen those eyelashes??? Perfection
  • Cows are the definition of humble
  • Cows are the most gentle, calm, accepting, and forgiving creatures on this earth
  • WWCD- what would a cow do?

You’re welcome. 

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