the women inside of me have big summer plans


Hiiiii! Last year I wrote a post titled “the women inside of me” where I made up, named, and described the personalities of four women I dress like on a daily basis. It got a little weird (in the best way possible), and as it turns out, I continue to subconsciously dress like these women even today. So! Because that was so much fun, and I have a very small window of time where my full wardrobe is available to me, I thought I would write another one!

Although you haven’t heard from them in a while, these ladies have been !BU! !SY! They’ve got places to be, people to see, life to be lived, and they wear some pretty weird and wonderful shit in the process.

So first things first, if you haven’t read the first part that I wrote last year, you’re going to have to do that now, otherwise what’s coming next is going to make even less sense than it does already (it’s a short and happy read).
Link is right here!

You’re back? Perfect, let’s do it!

The women inside of me have some big summer plans, and they include:


Propagating her plants and giving them away as gifts. Taking her grandchildren to the farmers market to buy them ice cream and soap. DIY-ing a bird feeder. Bribing the neighbourhood children to cut her grass in exchange for jars of homemade pickles. Picking wildflowers in the ditch, then taking them home to plant in her flowerbeds.

shirt and pants- thrifted
earrings, basket, and shoes – Mexico


Posting photos of her friends from gymnastics to Instagram captioned “The Girls.” Begging her parents to get a dog. Stuffing a tube top and a tiny bottle of green alcohol into her purse to use at her best friends “sleepover” later that night. Blue eyeliner, and lots of it. Screaming “you don’t even know me anymore!!” at her mom at least once. Cutting hair elastics out of her tangly head.

shirt (scarf), cardigan, shorts, belt,
shoes, and bag – thrifted
pom pom – Mexico


Taking a belly dancing class, then planning a trip to Egypt to “see the birthplace of it.” Going on a winery tour with Carol- her recently divorced co-worker, and accidentally getting really drunk on pinot noir. Taking photos of the birds in her neighbours backyard when they aren’t home. Flirting with the yoga instructor. Attending a class about moths, then getting a tattoo of one on her upper thigh.

shirt, skirt, and scarf – thrifted
backpack – matt and nat • shoes – teva


Taking a pottery class and exclusively making tiny bowls that are good for pretty much nothing. Deciding to reorganise her entire apartment at 3am because the “flow” is off. Going to to concerts alone. Starting an etsy shop of ethically sourced, hand made, naturally dyed kites. Going on blind dates with french pilots and single dad’s with ironic moustaches. Painting her front door orange.

dress, skirt, shoes, and necklace – thrifted
bag – Mexico

Wowowowow, what a neat group of ladies these are! Not going to lie, I plan to do a lot of these activities myself this summer (I’m especially into wildflower picking and shameless flirting with random french people these days… and the blue eyeliner is slowly growing on me).

I love fashion, but at the end of the day, I dress for me. I find it empowering and sooooo much fun to just do whatever I want with my wardrobe, and isn’t that what clothing is supposed to be about anyways – feeling empowered and having fun?? (other than not being naked, which is also pretty empowering and fun).

If you didn’t notice, most of this clothing was purchased either second hand, from a classic, quality brand, or from a Mexican Grandma. This personally works for me because I find it more fun to shop second hand, and ethically I feel much better about it too. It feels good to take items that are already in the waste stream and give them a new life, to support a quality brand doing good things and sustainable initiatives, and of course, to support a local person making beautiful things instead of giving your money to a multinational corporation.

My wardrobe is eclectic and able to take me from basically any climate and culture with varying modesty-levels, anywhere in the world, but it’s also quite small. By pairing down my wardrobe over the years to only what I absolutely love, I’ve been able to get a really clear idea of my personal style, my lifestyle, and the items I will realistically wear depending on these two factors. With this in mind, it makes it 1000x easier to shop and only buy what I absolutely love and need, and keeps the clutter and stress out of my closet and in turn – my life. (A win-win?)

Thanks for reading, friends! I hope this made you smile and inspired you to put on something you feel confident, happy, and wholly yourself in today, and I hope you consider what (and who) you are supporting when you purchase clothing in the future.





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