the women inside of me


Hey friends! So, anyone who knows me knows that I have my own way of dressing and basically follow no fashion rules. My personal style is always evolving, and lately I feel like I am growing more into it. For me, clothing is a creative outlet, and a way to feel comfortable and express myself. Clothing is just fun!!

When I was younger, it was a bit different. I used to dress pretty loud and eccentric as a way of differentiating myself from others because I felt like I didn’t belong, and was trying to figure out where I fit. Clothing was my armour- my way of saying “I’m not like you guys, we are very different. Look at how different we are! I’m my own person! Who is that person? I don’t know, but she’s not like you guys, that’s for sure!” But now it’s not like that at all, and  honing in on my personal style has actually allowed me to feel more comfortable with the woman I know I am, and helps me connect with others- kind of like an ice breaker.

(Plus, I’m convinced that people are 40% nicer to you when you dress like a hippy.) 

!But! Lately something very exciting has happened. My closet, which once seemed like a random time warp of floral blouses, maxi skirts, and high waisted trousers, has become more clear. I started to notice patterns in my clothing choices, and realised I almost always dress in one of four “personas” when getting ready.

So, because I have nothing but time on my hands these days and am a professional procrastinator, I gave these personas names and imagined what their lives were like, and it was too fun not to share.

They are as follows:


84 year old, pot-smoking grandma. Never been married but prefers it that way. Has spent every winter since ’76 in Morocco. Calls all of her grandchildren “love”- mostly because she can’t remember their names, but they find it endearing. Talks to her plants.



French, middle class pre-teen with an attitude problem (her mom thinks she’ll grow out of it, her dad isn’t so sure). Cuts her own bangs and immediately regrets it, but then does it again three weeks later. Kourtney is her favourite sister. Doesn’t like peanut butter- has only tried it once.  Hasn’t brushed her hair in four days.



57 year-old high school drama teacher. Has two pet cockatiels. Flirts with a man named Don at salsa dancing every Wednesday night. Loves the colour Mauve, but is pretty certain she’s pronouncing it wrong- decides she doesn’t care. Is absolutely certain there’s life on other planets.



Millennial. Three credits short of a degree in printmaking. Shops for shirts in the pyjama section and then wears them to the grocery store. Is a Virgo, but “feels more like a Libra.” Can drink coffee at 9pm and still sleep. Always cold but doesn’t know why.


So there you have it! These are the women who live inside of me. And what compelling humans they are!

I hope this served as a bit of inspiration to simply let loose and have fun with your wardrobe- whatever that means to you. Go get down with your bad self! Live it up, because life is too short to be exactly like everyone else and not know why.

What do you guys think? Who’s your favourite? I’m the most intrigued by Nancy, but would be down to have lunch with Hazel any day.

All the love,

The Author

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