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Alright, so I know that everyone is getting pretty sick of reading a bunch of Instagram posts about what their friends have accomplished in 2018 and how freekin blessed and happy and obsessed with themselves they all are. But guess what? For the sake or gratitude and appreciating the simple stuff, I’m going to hit you with another one – so get ready. Sorry not sorry!

Dear 2018, thank you for:

  • The tree outside my window, and all the tiny birds who called it home
  • Beach sunsets
  • Vintage coats
  • Hugs- so many hugs
  • Words that took my breath away
  • Wine – even the sparking red that I exploded all over a bunch of strangers and ruined my shoes with
  • New friends
  • Old friends
  • Family
  • Friends who become family
  • Stars
  • Library books
  • Vegetables
  • The music I danced and cried and sang along to
  • The babies I smiled at
  • Flowers
  • Pink jeans
  • This Instagram account <–
  • Dogs – all the dogs
  • Farmers market swiss chard
  • The tears I cried
  • The boys I kissed
  • Smoothie bowls
  • Red lipstick
  • Light reflections at magic hour
  • The bike rides to work
  • The meals I shared with friends
  • Sunshine
  • Yoga
  • Purple sea shells

So thanks for the mem’s, 2018. Sure, the big moments were great too, but it was really all of the tiny moments of joy that got me through the year and made it so enjoyable. Can’t wait to stare at the sky and dance and laugh and cry and smile at even more babies in 2019.


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