lessons learned at 22


“I got to a breaking point that night and thought to myself “I am so sick of minimising the tension (in situations where a man is trying to take advantage of me) in order to make him feel more comfortable.” No more!

Why am I putting his comfort before my own, anyways?

I will no longer accept behaviour that’s “not that big of a deal”,  but isn’t okay, either. I’m sick of being “polite.” I’m sick of being a “nice girl,” an “easy-going girl” a “well behaved girl.” Fuck being well behaved!

Where do I come into this?

Why am I trying to accommodate someone who would not – is not – doing the same for me?… Who doesn’t even have the decency to ask? Who only thinks of himself? What about me – who is going to look out for me? What line has to be crossed before I finally stand up for myself? How bad do I have to be hurt before I eventually loose my power?

The truth is:

The power will always been inside of me.

The line is wherever I decide it is.

I care about me.

I am putting myself  first.”


A journal entry about the boys who sneak into your bedroom at night, even when you lock the door.

Australia/ 2016

The Author

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