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“At our core we are pure, love, light, and wisdom. We are complete and whole, creator and creation. Our worth does not change from our original spark. A hundred-dollar bill comes out of the mint crisp, clean, brand-new, and worth a hundred dollars. Through life that bill gets crumpled up, dirty, squished into pockets, and a bit tired; however, that hundred-dollar bill never loses its value, its worth. However dirty or rumpled, a hundred dollars is still a hundred dollars. We never lose our worth. However crumpled we might get, our value is infinite. As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. How are we going to live through all the breaths between our first and last? To live in the flow of the divine, we must continually surrender and let go of all the things that keep us small. We must let go of the shore and flow into the ocean of our greatness, our greatest selves.” Author Unknown